As society has grown and developed over the past fifty years we have ceaselessly consumed nature’s resources while, striving for a better living environment for mankind. However, this skyrocketing consumption has led to changes in world climate owing to the shrinkage of forest cover, soil erosion, desertification, air and water pollution, and the ‘green house gas effect’ caused by excessive emissions of pollutants. The consequences today were unforeseen at the time we launch this strive for economic and social prosperity.

For the sake of those generations to come, sustainability must not be sacrificed for the selfishness and short-sightedness that has been evidenced by the current generation. To ensure future generations will continue to enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature and, given the limited resources of our planet Earth, the continued growth of global consumption and the uneven distribution of those resources must be addressed. As responsible world citizens, we must protect and equalise the benefits for all, leaving our world in the best possible condition. We believe humankind are the managers of the world, but not the owner. We believe all environmental issues must be resolved by addressing their root causes, and that positive thinking is needed to nurture and treasure everything on Earth.

Green Industry involving such concepts as waster management is thriving in developed countries. Recycling has become a profitable business and method of dealing with waste. There is an increasing trend to process reusable items classed as garbage into value- added materials and goods. The increasing amount of garbage in Hong Kong is NOW a critical issue, yet the government keeps resisting the noted worldwide trend of Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Instead government simply warns us about the limited landfill capacity which will be reached in 2014. Further, government says landfill sites should be expanded, and that an incinerator should be built in different districts!

Hong Kong is an international cosmopolitan city with a healthy rule of law and a free economic system. This should drive the city to be more compatible with other developed cities across the world. To be a true World City, Hong Kong must embrace to principles of sustainable development. We must process waste in accordance with world-class standards of a garbage management rating system, take initiatives in reducing, reusing , recycling, and leave the old methods of incineration and landfill as last resorts. The concept of Green GDP must be adhered to during the development of a comprehensive garbage process system. The city should reinforce environmentalism, implement Green Education, promote Green best practices, while developing the recycling industry - all with the aim to be a "World Green City" and it would be a worthy, to that end, to actively employ our Green Hong Kong Campaign. The result assures enhanced competitive strengths and world class methodologies.

Green Hong Kong Campaign requires leadership by the Hong Kong Government, to be applied in every district, in order for all citizens and all sectors of society to participate and to share in expediting the various measures. We can start with Green Education, to engender a mentality of treasuring all resources be they organic or inorganic, combined with all the human material and cultural resources, and to learn to be more content with that which is sufficient for our needs and not excessive and wasteful.. We can work and live keeping the concept of not creating waste and to reduce harmful emissions in our daily life, moving on with a systematic plan for recycling, as an effective and responsible way of processing the city’s leftovers, the garbage. There is considerable value if waste; we must learn how to turn it into a treasure. The citizenry can work with the government on implementing Green Certification, introducing a Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter and Ecolabelling System. Green Industry and low carbon lifestyle standards will thereby be encouraged, carrying the Hong Kong Spirit by Going Green.

We believe that now is the time for our city to implement the Green Hong Kong Campaign because:

  1. The public has been receptive to the government's garbage classification campaign, it is time for a more intensive Green Movement.
  2. There has been an abundance of recycling campaigns run by various non-government groups. While the mentality is encouraging but regrettably the impact is insubstantial. Now is a good time to consolidate a grand and comprehensive campaign and see it through to its conclusion benefiting both government and citizens.
  3. While Hong Kong deals with the ever-growing environmental issue of pollution, the government has yet to offer any comprehensive solution. The government has not encouraged a concept of a ‘Green Lifestyle”. There is a lack of crucial transparency in the creation of Hong Kong's environmental policies, and our citizens are deprived of their right to know what’s going on.
  4. Now is the time for the Hong Kong Government to implement its proposal to develop the recycling industry - without further delay.
  5. It is our responsibility as world citizens to protect and equalize everyone's benefits, and to leave a thriving planet for the benefit of future generations.
  6. Hong Kong should strive to be one of the nation's first low-carbon cities, in accordance with the twelfth five-year plan of the People's Republic of China.
  7. Hong Kong can enhance its competitive strengths as an international and cosmopolitan by setting its first priority to become a "World Green City".

Hong Kong will enhance its reputation as a World Green City by starting with public education, by the promotion of Green Culture for quality life, by the introduction of a Green Lifestyle and by introducing t